Micro-CHP System

Today, we are looking for solutions that give us more for less: more information on smaller screens, higher yields from the same acreage, more energy from the same barrel, better performance from the same chip, and increased bandwidth from the same line. In 1905, when Swiss engineer Alfred Büchi invented the turbo charger, his innovation managed to harness more power from the same engine.

Qnergy has developed the 21st century turbo engine by integrating into a combined heat and power system (CHP) that takes full advantage of both the electric and thermal outputs of this unique engine.



Qnergy's Micro-CHP System achieves these high efficiencies by utilizing a state-of-the-art Stirling engine, a highly efficient combustion process, and the industry's leading water heating technology.

Qnergy's Micro-CHP system is shown in the schematic below, but the basic explanation is:  natural gas or propane is fed to the system.  The heat generated from the combustion of gases is extracted and sent to a buffer tank through a heat exchanger. This tank acts as heat storage and thus can be used for space heat, domestic hot water, or for heating a swimming pool, hot tub or any other commercial type application. 
During this heating cycle, Qnergy's Stirling engine is also generating electric power which is consumed on site or sent to the utility for credit.
This system is designed and sized for light commercial or large residential applications.  And it should be noted that multiple systems can be "cascaded" together for larger on-site needs.


How the Qnergy Micro-CHP System Works

The green circles represent the “energy flow” percentages in Qnergy’s micro-CHP system. Fully utilizing the fuel potential to the utmost to produce both electric energy and thermal heating energy, Qnergy’s micro-CHP system can reach overall system net efficiencies nearing 95%.


Key Features

  • Natural gas or propane as well as wood pellets and biofuel can be utilized as heating sources.
  • Highly efficient: > 90%
  • Zero maintenance
  • Very low noise
  • Competitive price



Download the Qnergy Micro-CHP data sheet-English (PDF) >

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