Market Applications

Efficient Stirling technology has potential for use in a wide range of sectors related to power generation.


Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems meet today's electric production challenges. Qnergy’s CHP systems using efficient Stirling technology present a method to produce electricity while simultaneously capturing heat that would normally be treated as waste.

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas market, Qnergy external combustion engine provides unparalleled added value. Located in some of the most deserted and arid places on the planet, well head generators have to operate unattended and withstand a very harsh condition.


Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP) plants may become profitable with respect to traditional systems, where electricity, heat, and cooling are produced or purchased separately. Absorption chiller technology, fueled by cogenerated thermal energy, is used for cooling in CCHP systems. This facet of CHP technology is becoming very viable in commercial applications..

Marine Power

With its quiet operation and minimal exhaust emissions, the Stirling engine suits on board power systems in marine applications where electrical power is required on an intermittent or continuous level.

Biomass Utilization

A promising substitute to petroleum-based fuels in mobile applications, Stirling engine is agnostic to fuel sources. Biofuels show much promise and are considered a renewable fuel in many regions in the world.

Waste Heat Transformation

These systems recover waste heat with potential high energy content (for example, flue gases from a diesel generator, steam from cooling towers, or wastewater from industrial processes), efficiently transformed by Stirling technology to generate electricity.

Remote Power

Using Stirling technology for remote power generation ensures a constant, uninterrupted operation of a large variety of onshore and offshore applications. These include Remote control, data acquisition systems (SCADA), communication systems, cathodic protection, battery charging and more.