ÖkoFEN is the European specialist in pellet heating. Ecological research and development of small-scale biomass heating systems has been ÖkoFEN primary objective which is reflected in the company name ÖkoFEN. Ecology is ÖkoFEN company policy. When wood pellets were launched on the Austrian market in 1996, ÖkoFEN was the first manufacturer to offer an officially-certified pellet heating system to the public. This pioneering approach has repeated itself with the introduction of ÖkoFEN-Qnergy wood pellet cogeneration machine.

Tec Saving

Located in the middle of the industrialized zone in Northern Italy and with vast experience in the area of renewable energy sales and implementation, Tecsaving represents an optimal channel to market for Qnergy mCHP. With very close ties to the Italian market of both equipment manufacturers and utility companies, Tec saving is leading the way in the area of light commercial mCHP for the European market.


With over 16 years of experience in the area of designing and packaging combined heat and power machines, Helec delivers turn-key solutions for the UK cogeneration market. Located outside Bristol, this very energetic company serves both commercial and residential customers, both represent major market opportunites for Qnergy.