Product Overview

Given the volatility of today's energy markets the need for efficient, stable and dependable power is on the rise.

Public awareness for non-polluting energy platforms is increasing as well.  We at Qnergy have developed enabling technology and know-how that address these challenges. 

Our core generator technology is based on the Free Piston Stirling Engine.

This unique engine is frictionless and sealed. It is designed to operate for many years, uninterruptedly and with no service required.

This generator is the foundation of our product base which includes a multi-fuel remote power unit, designed to run unattended in some of the most deserted and harshest areas of the planet. Another product is our fuel flexible co-generation machine that can provide co-generated heat and electricity at extremely high efficiencies.

Whether it is co-generation, remote-power or an engine module to integrate into your own innovative energy platform, Qnergy has you covered.