Remote Power System

The remote power generation market is experiencing tremendous growth, driven by the need to provide reliable, affordable electricity to areas around the globe with little or no existing power distribution infrastructure.
Qnergy’s QRP offers an effective, economical solution uniquely designed to meet the challenges of rural electrification. Our thermal-powered generators are capable of generating electricity utilizing virtually any heat source, from combustible fuels such as diesel and sour gas to renewables such as biogas and solar.  All Qnergy generators feature our patented QB Series Stirling engine, which delivers robust, high-efficiency performance with very low noise and zero maintenance.

The market of Oil & Gas well-head's power represents a major challenge for regular generators and hence an opportunity for Qnergy QRP.
Being fuel agnostic and insensitive to gas content, Qnergy system can run on sour gas! A cascade module of multiple engines replaces large diesel generator which eliminates maintenance and minimizes power down time during service.

Our simple, modular design and proven Stirling technology equips the QRP generator with the power output scalability to solve the pressing needs of the remote power generation market.



Key Features

  • Low sensitivty to corrosion- Works on sour gas.
  • Highly efficient: engine > 25%
  • Zero maintenance
  • Very low noise
  • Competitive price



Download the Qnergy Remote Power data sheet-English Version (PDF) >

Download the Qnergy Remote Power data sheet-Chinese Version (PDF) >