About Qnergy

Qnergy (q-ner-gy) was founded to provide reliable power using a wide range of heat sources including conventional and alternative fuels. Our power solutions help customers improve their resilience to blackouts, lower costs and reduce emissions. We are best known for our ability to provide energy in remote locations and harsh conditions where others cannot operate. Our engine design was recognized by NASA as the most reliable heat engine technology ‘in history’. Our generators are based on a proprietary Free Piston Stirling Engine technology. These engines are enclosed systems that require no lubrication, oil changes or repair delivering many years of uninterrupted operation. Over the past two years, hundreds of our systems have endured multiple hurricanes without a single power interruption. 

Our methane mitigation program leverages our ability to work reliably with both raw natural gas and biogas to convert normally vented methane to useful energy. Two of the largest sources of methane emission are the Oil & Gas supply chain and organic waste. Our solutions address both. In Oil & Gas we use our generators to replace methane emissions from pneumatic devices with compressed air. We are in the process of deploying hundreds of these systems. In addition, we are deploying biogas systems that turn biomethane into electricity and heat. 

Quality and Safety

At Qnergy we are dedicated to providing products to our customers that meet strict quality standards. We commit to deliver a product on time and with “zero defects”. We achieve these objectives by utilizing continuous improvement and strict adherence to standards throughout all levels of our organization. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers. In order to fulfill that commitment, we adhere to required safety standards to ensure proper operation of equipment inside and outside of our facility as it relates to our products. Our culture at Qnergy is to empower each employee to be an advocate for Quality and Safety in order to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and employees are in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Facility

The Qnergy manufacturing facility is equipped for high volume manufacturing of engines and systems in over 60,000 square feet. This dedicated production line is a fully operational, semi-automated assembly line utilizing the latest production equipment. Following rigorous and stringent quality and safety standards, our team is able to produce, test and deliver our various products on time.


Qnergy’s legacy is based on decades of experience providing high-reliability, no-maintenance, long-life missions including both terrestrial and deep space remote power generation platforms.  Reliability is deeply ingrained within Qnergy’s culture.  Qnergy chooses to provide high-performing products to our customers by designing our products with test. Design “with test” means designing our products to stringent reliability targets and then “proving” this reliability by testing and intentionally failing parts within extreme, harsh operating parameters.  Tests to failure show us exactly where the margins are, establishes the validity of our products within their specified operating envelope, and helps speed up product improvement cycles.


Ory Zik

Ory has extensive leadership experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Previous roles include co-founder and CEO of Heliofocus. The company developed solar thermal solutions for conventional power plants; founding CEO of Energy Points an analytical engine for environmental performance and Founding CEO of QuantomiX. The company was the first to visualize live cells in an electron microscope. Holds Ph.D in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Dan Midea
VP, Sales and Marketing

Dan brings over 30 years of experience building Sales distribution channels within the Oil and Gas and Telecom industries. Prior to joining Qnergy, Dan built and managed the US Sales operations of a global Remote Power company, offering mission-critical, integrated power solutions to the North American market.

Isaac Garaway

Isaac has decades of experience in innovative energy devices focusing on resonant free piston Stirling under his belt. He holds multiple patents covering topics related to power conversion and thermal mechanics. With PhD in the field of energy from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology, as well as many years of activity within energy-related industries, Dr. Garaway has extensive experience in applying pioneering energy technologies into real-life applications and products.

Steve Maughan
VP, Engineering and Operations

Steve is a professional engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized OEM equipment for the industrial heat transfer and power generation markets. Prior to joining Qnergy Steve held various management positions with Shield Air Solutions [a hazardous duty industrial heat transfer equipment manufacturer] and JBT AeroTech [an industrial HVAC manufacturer]

Asaf Vos Headshot

Asaf Vos

Asaf brings 15+ years of financial leadership in global private and public companies in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Telecom sectors. Asaf’s experience includes several successful mergers and acquisitions. Previous roles include CFO at Baran Americas - A subsidiary of Baran Group Ltd (BRAN.TV) and Financial Director at IMERYS Refractory, Abrasive and Construction - A division of IMERYS SA (NK.PA).

Karisa Stahle
Head of Human Resources

Karisa brings more than 10 years worth of experience in HR Policy, Management, Employee Relations, Leadership, and Training. Before joining Qnergy's team, she was the HR Manager at Pioneer Metal Finishing. She is passionate about consulting and untangling the complexities of Human Resources. Karisa received her B.S. in Human Resource Management from Utah State University.