Application Engineer

Job Summary

Qnergy is a world leader in Reliable Remote Power Generators. Our technology provides reliable electrical power for some of our country’s most critical remote infrastructure.  Our passion is to bring our clients worry-free power solutions that provide value to their operations, even at their most remote locations. This open position is within our product development team and will support matching our power-generating products to the specific needs of our customer’s applications.


What you will be responsible for…

Approve use-cases for Qnergy products within customer applications: This task involves directly interfacing with customers to intimately understand their specific needs and review the planned uses for Qnergy products within customer infrastructure. This role is responsible to validate that the Qnergy product will in fact fill the needs of the customer at each and every customer site.

Drive Improvements to Qnergy products: Seek to better understand the needs of our customers and detect pain points that can be improved on Qnergy products so as to drive a cycle of continuous improvement.

Create Product Requirement Documents: Create Product Definition Documents which serve as the detailed technical guidelines by which the engineering development teams design new products and features.

Participate in Product Development: Be an active member of the engineering design team by participating in all the concept designs and project reviews. Be able to offer design insight into design objectives and limitations as well as interface with customer to get additional feedback when necessary so as to ensure that the product development path remains continually focused at the actual needs of the customer.

Validate and test new customer use-cases: Perform testing of potential customer use-cases so as to empirically validate all customer applications prior to approval. This requires testing and data collection skills as well as data analysis to derive results and a recommendations.

Product Document Creation: Work with the product engineering team to create ‘customer facing’ content. This would include product manuals, specifications, marketing literature as well as other media that covers our product line.

Contributing to maintaining our Companies Mission of producing reliable and quality products: Contribute to the design and manufacturing aspects of Qnergy products and processes by participating in design, assembly and test projects so as to be part of the team which continuously strives to improve our products reliability and quality.


About you…

You should have a passion for product development and creative technical innovation. Making new and better power generation products should excite you. A professional or personal interest in the field of energy, electrical power, electronics, or automation is an advantage. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate prior experience interfacing with a market and/or customer to create a technical solution to meet actual needs.


Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills, with a passion for communicating and understanding the customer.

You must have a professional presence, both online and in person, that allows you to build trust and nurture relationships. You are a skilled listener and communication, able to translate “casual customer conversation” into detailed technical engineering directives.

Able to work independently without supervision in complex environments requiring you to methodically innovate, problem solve, and make tactical decisions often without support from Qnergy headquarters.




  • Minimum of a bachelor degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Have a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently with little or no supervision.
  • Can demonstrate experience in a ‘Creative Design’ engineering process relevant to new product development.
  • Basic proficiency in designing with 3D modeling software (preference to SolidWorks).
  • Able to create single-line electrical drawings and understand basic electrical schematics.
  • Experience with basic electrical wiring and familiarity with common electric wiring safe practices
  • Preference to candidates with proven experience with the design or operation of electric generators.
  • Preference to candidates with fundamental knowledge and experience designing or working with thermodynamic power generation cycles
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills especially as they relate to interfacing with customers and understanding customers technical needs
  • Willingness to travel up to roughly 10%-20% of the time.
  • Willing and able to work and visit remote locations, such as transportations and, Oil and Gas sites
  • Good organizational and record keeping skills
  • Able to multi-task in a changing environment.


Reports to:     Qnergy Chief Technology Officer


Compensation Range: Fair market equivalent.

We Offer:

  • Medical, dental, and retirement benefits.
  • Competitive salary plus: paid holidays, paid vacation.
  • A friendly, tight-knit, and supportive work environment.



Email resumes to: [email protected]