Compressed Air as a Service (CAaaS)

Eliminating methane emissions with no CapEx using a simple and proven solution.

The oil and gas industry faces unprecedented pressure to reduce their operational methane emissions Facilities often have many small sources of emissions from pneumatic devices Most available solutions are expensive and complex in how they are planned, installed, and maintained Most solutions are labour intensive, unreliable, and untested The Problem The Solution CAaaS is a simple utility style agreement with an activation fee and charges for metered air and electricity. extensively proven in the field flexible offering that significantly minimizes cost of ownership simple to install and operate, minimizing complexity and maintenance perfect fit for remote sites with existing pneumatic devices Generate emission offset credits to pay for the service in Alberta

Qnergy powergen creates power using wellhead gas. It can be used for ac/dc power, air compressor and heat waste recovery

Top 10 advantages, from customer testimonials: High reliability with no reciprocating engine H2S sour gas capability No solar hybrid complexity Zero oil changes, zero maintenance engine Continuous unattended operation No UPS or oversized batteries Gas conditioning included 24/7 remote monitoring 3-year engine warranty No tanked fuel required

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