Compressed Air Package 5 (CAP5)

Qnergy Instrument Air solutions are designed to displace the methane emission of pneumatic devices.

The Compressed Air Package 5 (CAP5) includes:

  • Combines electrical power, instrument air, and an optional glycol heating loop for fuel-line protection
  • Reliable in extreme conditions (-40°C to +40°C)
  • Based on the PowerGen 5650 Stirling Generator
  • Adaptable to suit customer-specific requirements or design

Multiple configurations are available including

  • A full skid solution based on Qnergy’s or customer’s specifications and design
  • A PowerGen 5650 with a Qnergy-validated instrument air package
  • Qnergy supplied PowerGen 5650.  Instrument air package provided by the customer

Key Features

  • Qnergy’s PowerGen 5650
  • Robust instrument air system
  • Air tank storage.  Typically 60-80 gallons
  • Integrated air dryer
  • Gas flow measurement and mitigation reporting

Brochure - Specifications