Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP3)

Qnergy Instrument Air solutions are designed to displace the methane emission of pneumatic devices.


The Compressed Air Pneumatic (CAP3) includes:

  • 11 scfm continuous air output at 115 psi (22 scfm available)
  • Low maintenance robust duplex compressors
  • Integrated air dryer
  • HMI for local data review and control
  • Eliminates “wet-gas” pneumatic issues
  • Gas flow measurement for mitigation reporting
  • Eligible for emission offset carbon credits
  • Gas Conditioning Unit (GCU), protects against liquids in gas inlet


Pneumatic devices powered by pressurized natural gas are widely used in the natural gas industry for process control and chemical injection. These devices vent spent gas directly into the air threatening the clean fuel advantages of natural gas. Qnergy’s innovative low-maintenance CAP3 solution efficientlycombusts the normally vented methane, while economically providing reliable electric power and clean, dry instrument air.

Available Models


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