Free Piston Stirling Engine Design Services:

With the right partner, Qnergy can deliver a reference frame from our historical documentation from prior programs as lessons for new development programs. Qnergy has years of FSPE engine development experience on multiple power platforms so we can review new concept designs ( aka give “greybeard” guidance ) with an experienced eye. We can perform complete SAGE model reviews or other rough-order Stirling engine sizing. Additionally we can provide Stirling engine test planning documentation, perform test data review, and advise/direct changes to test FPSE hardware based on reviewed test findings.

Qnergy has a full weld development test lab so we can inspect coupon sample oxide layers and coupon sample grain structures. We also have a vacuum furnace for brazing and helium leak detection capabilities for prototype parts. Lastly, Qnergy has a robust DFMEA process tailored for both FPSE’s and systems to identity and rank design risks.

Stirling Engine Heat Source Coupling Scoping and Design Services

Being heat source agnostic allows ultimate flexibility in terms of heat source coupling. Since each heat source can be unique, Qnergy offers engineering services to review and help design potential heat source couplings with the Stirling. These services include the following activities:

Preliminary proposal(s) on the method and interface to facilitate heat transfer from the heat source to the hot end of Qnergy’s Stirling engine.

Preliminary conceptual 3D figures of the integrated systems arrangement and major components, such as heat exchangers, heat rejection, control, and other auxiliary components.

Preliminary overall estimated achievable efficiency of the coupled heat source and Qnergy‘s Stirling engine in terms of heat to electrical energy while stating any major assumptions.

Preliminary heat source coupling cost estimates and development timelines for the proposed system with indications of any major challenges/risks to the development path.

Highly Accelerated Lifecyle (HALT) Testing

Qnergy engineering can work with Qnergy’s testing services department in the design of a HALT test regime for your products. This test regime can be used on our in-house HALT machine or on a different HALT machine of your choosing. Additionally, we have the capabilities to design custom HALT table hold downs and machine them using our in-house machine shop.

HALT Brochure

OEM System Design Services

Qnergy is not only a manufacturer of a world class Free Piston Stirling Engine; we are also our own best customer! We have designed the engine into our own systems and because of this experience we are the best at engine integration into systems. This means that we help you speed your product to the market based on our design sevices. We offer engineering services for mechanical and electrical system design that specifically couple with Qnergy’s Free Piston Stirling Engine. Additionally, we offer “lessons learned” sessions and review of OEM system designs.

Qnergy follows a rigorous product development system called QPDS. This system is toll gate based with six phases that cover all development activities from concept to the product’s end-of-life. Qnergy teach this process and would encourage this behavior in any development project or program we participate in.

Qnergy Machine Shop Services

Qnergy maintains a large machine shop and can provide fabrication and assembly services to meet your needs.

Utilizing the same equipment, processes and procedures to manufacture our own components, we can work with your team to create precise and accurate tooling/components.

Our equipment is fully maintained (PM) and calibrated and can meet your needs. We offer competitive quotes, fast turnaround time, with even the most intricate parts and processes.

Our machinists have over 22 years of experience within the aerospace, alternate power supply, tool and dies, custom fabrication, prototyping, production and repair fields.

Equipment: 3 manual lathes, 2 Gildemeister CNC lathes, 2 Bridgeport Milling Machines (2 ½ axis control), High Speed spindle Kitamura CNC Milling, Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws, and much more….

Machine Shop Brochure