Qnergy external combustion engine can be driven by waste. A material that otherwise might have polluted land is now utilized to create clean energy.

A long life self contained engine ensures lasting maintainance free operation

Converts and uses otherwise wasted energy into your home or business to generate electricity and hot water for an overall efficiency of >90%

A simple and intuitive interface allows user intervention. Operation is adjusted by a closed loop controller that continuously optimizes the engine performance.

The tuned resonant dynamics of the engine ensure inherently quiet operation.


June 3rd 2015

Qnergy secures $20 million investment from Tene Investment Funds. Read More>


February 25th 2015

ÖkoFEN and Qnergy are proud to present a 5.0 kWe wood pellet biomass boiler in World Sustainable Energy Days Conference in Wels Austria. To watch the movie:


July 16th 2014

Qnergy and ÖkoFEN Europe’s specialist in pellet heating, are pleased to announce the joint development of a revolutionary 6kWe electricity-generating pellet boiler system. Read More>


April 30th 2014

Qnergy, announced a major breakthrough in solar thermoacoustic power generation.  The company set a new world record of 1 kW of electrical power. Read More>



Qnergy’s state-of-the-art co-generation engine lays the foundation for ultra-high efficiencies in power generation while preserving the environment.


Largest commercially available free piston Stirling Cycle engine (7.5Kw electricity output), highly reliable with zero maintenance, very low noise and competitive price.