Qnergy and Oekofen's new cogeneration boiler.

July 16, 2014: Qnergy and ÖkoFEN, Europe’s specialist in pellet heating, have announced the joint development of a revolutionary 6kWe electricity-generating pellet boiler system. The new boiler produces close to one magnitude more electricity than any other similar product.

Qnergy set a new world record.

April 30th 2014: Qnergy has announced a major breakthrough in solar thermoacoustic power generation. The company recently set a new world record, using acoustic waves created by solar heat to produce 1 kW of electrical power during a field test completed this month at its test facility in Ogden, Utah.

Qnergy has acquired the assets of Infinia Corporation Inc.

Qnergy has acquired the assets of US-based Infinia Corporation Inc. located in Ogden, Utah. Infinia Corporation is an energy technology company, developing and manufacturing high-efficiency, free piston Stirling generators that convert readily available and low cost heat sources into reliable electricity. Qnergy plans to integrate the core technologies and know-how of both companies in order to commence mass production of Stirling engines for various applications.

Qnergy Energizes World's 'Most Efficient' Boiler